Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun weekend!

On Friday night Mike's High school (West Wood) played my high school (Mountain View) in football, so we decided to get a bunch of people together to go to the game. A few of my friends and their husbands and my family and Mike's family all went. Even though all mike's family went to west wood, we turned them into Toros, even little Rylee supported MTV by wearing red and blue ribbons in her hair and I taught her how to do the toro sign and yell "TOROS" It was so cute, even though it wasn't really even a close game because my high school totally smashed Mike's, we still had allot of fun! Then on Saturday night Mike's brother John's ward had a Halloween block party, so we got to see all our nieces and nephews dressed up in their Halloween costumes, they all looked so cute! They had a fun little train and a bunch of little things going on for all the kids, it was fun, I always love seeing my nieces and nephews and family, we had a very fun weekend!

Sash, Me, and Amber

Dayton and Felicity

Brittany and Rylee


Monday, October 20, 2008


October is finally here!!! I always like once October finally comes because then all the holidays are here and there is always so much fun stuff going on to do! Not to mention the beautiful weather, It's finally starting to cool down here (YAY!) This past weekend Tisha, Ryan, Rylee, Crew, Mike's mom Sharon, Mike's cousin Brittney, and Mike and I all thought it would be fun to take the little kido's to a pumpkin patch! They had one not to far from mine and mike's house that had activities for the kids, we got to go on a hay ride, and each of the kids got to decorate a pumpkin! We all had alot of fun. Since Mike and I don't have kids of our own yet, we LOVE spoiling and spending as much time with our nieces and nephews that we can. After spending time at the pumpkin patch we all went to dinner, and Mike and I had Little Rylee spend the night at our house. We watched High School Musical 2 all night long and Rylee would make me stand on top of my fire place with her and dance to every song, her favorite one is huma huma nucka nucka ocanawa, or something like that?

The girls (Me, Sharon, Rylee, Tisha, and Brittany)

Crew picking out his stickers to put on his pumpkin
My 2 favorite Baby's

Little Ry Ry
Best Buddies