Sunday, February 22, 2009


This past weekend we went to pine top with Miranda, Brent, and a few other couples that Mike will be working with this summer. We had SO much fun, I can't remember the last time I've had that much fun in a while! We went up Friday night and we each had our own little cabin, ours and Brent and Miranda's were right next to each other. Then on Saturday we went snow boarding up in Sunrise and had an absolute Blast! Although now my whole body is so sore (snowboarding is such a work out!) Although I managed to make it down alot of the different slopes without falling, I never managed to get off the dang ski lift without falling on my butt every time, go figures! We had so much fun and are so glad we got to go! Thanks Brent and D! While we were driving to pine top me and Miranda were remembering all the fun experiences we've had there, because when we were in junior high and high school we spent alot of our weekends going up there to Sasha's dad's cabin, so we got to visit and laugh about all of our many fun and silly memories with the girls!

Mike just loves taking pictures, can't ya tell?
Me and D
All straped up and ready to ride!

Hot Snowboarding Babe!

On the Ski Lift

Our cabins had those cool old fashion fire places!
Just another typical me and Miranda pic!