Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Much Needed Update!

Sorry I haven't updated this since like winter, But here I go! Ok where do I start? Alot's been going on lately, I was recently a Brides Maid in my cousin Jen's wedding up in St. George Utah, It was a beautiful wedding and it was so fun to see one of my best friends/little cousin get married! Becca (another cousin) was a brides maid as well and her and I had so much fun together dancing and entertaining ourselves during the wedding line. As most of you know me and Jen have always been real close cousins, especially when she lived here in Mesa, we were practically inseparable. Even though Jen is younger than me I have always looked up to her, she is such a great person and I am so excited for her! This year we also not only had one graduation in the fam, but two! Todd graduated from ASU (GO SUN DEVIL'S) with his Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, and Brittney graduated from MTV! (GO TOROS!) I love Brittney to death, but her graduation was miserable! It rained the entire time and you couldn't hear anything they were saying, so we sat hours in the rain not knowing a thing that was going on, we didn't even hear when they called her name, luckily we just recognized it was her cheered for her! Well that's it for now! I'll try to update more often in the future

Jen & I

The Bride and Brides Maids

let the dancing begin!

Sarah, Becca, and Me

Todd's Graduation

Brit's graduation

Us girlies at Grandma's

Sisters/Best Friends Forver

The Decker ladies
I'm so sad this tree no longer exists :(
many many childhood memories in this tree

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This past weekend we went to pine top with Miranda, Brent, and a few other couples that Mike will be working with this summer. We had SO much fun, I can't remember the last time I've had that much fun in a while! We went up Friday night and we each had our own little cabin, ours and Brent and Miranda's were right next to each other. Then on Saturday we went snow boarding up in Sunrise and had an absolute Blast! Although now my whole body is so sore (snowboarding is such a work out!) Although I managed to make it down alot of the different slopes without falling, I never managed to get off the dang ski lift without falling on my butt every time, go figures! We had so much fun and are so glad we got to go! Thanks Brent and D! While we were driving to pine top me and Miranda were remembering all the fun experiences we've had there, because when we were in junior high and high school we spent alot of our weekends going up there to Sasha's dad's cabin, so we got to visit and laugh about all of our many fun and silly memories with the girls!

Mike just loves taking pictures, can't ya tell?
Me and D
All straped up and ready to ride!

Hot Snowboarding Babe!

On the Ski Lift

Our cabins had those cool old fashion fire places!
Just another typical me and Miranda pic!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Fun!

I have had an amazing winter this year! It all started when my parents decided to take us to DISNEYLAND for Christmas! Unfortunately Mike and Todd were unable to get work off so were unable to come so it was my dad mom, and us three girls! We had so so so much fun! I always have a fun time when I get with my sisters, my inner child comes out and we just goof of and have so much fun together! We got 2 day park hopper tickets so we got to go on all the rides and went on are favorite ones multiple times! I would have to say the funniest experience would probably have to be tower of terror at California Adventure, Brittney had already been on it and convinced me and my youngest sister Brianna to go on it, this is the ride where they bring you up 12 stories and then drop you multiple times, me and Brianna had no idea what to expect so the whole ride we were screaming our lungs out, the best is when we were done we looked at the picture they take while its dropping, and Brianna and I look like we are crying and scared out of our minds, while Brittney is laughing in it. We had never been to Disneyland over Christmas so it was such a fun experience! Then The Day after Christmas was Brittney's 18Th Birthday so we took a girls trip up to my uncle's cabin and went sledding and played games and had so much fun together! See told ya I had a fun winter!
Sisters/ Best Friends
Outside Cali Adventure
Right Before we got Soaked on Grizzly Rapids

Tower of Terror


Brianna Kept saying how funny all our butts looked
in snow clothes so this is what we did

Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Pics

This past Saturday We took family pictures for this years Christmas cards. My uncle Roger and Carol were nice enough to offer there house for us to take our family pictures at, it was absolutely beautiful. We stated out taking real professional and classy looking ones, and after about 100 or so, me and my siblings got a little restless and started taking really silly ones, my mom wasn't too thrilled! But we all had fun and got allot of very nice pictures!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Mike and I had a incredibly AWESOME Halloween this year. First Mike and I went and picked out pumpkins and brought them home and carved them, then when we got home we realized all we had were kitchen knives, which made it incredibly hard to carve a pumpkin with if you can only imagine. I carved a cat and Mike carved his work logo. Then Halloween night one of my friends threw a Halloween/costume party. Mike went as the Joker, and I went as Cat Women. Mike's costume turned out incredibly awesome, you couldn't even recognize him. We had allot of fun hanging out with allot of my good friends.

Pumpkin Guts!
Michael Deep in thought

My cute little Joker