Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Much Needed Update!

Sorry I haven't updated this since like winter, But here I go! Ok where do I start? Alot's been going on lately, I was recently a Brides Maid in my cousin Jen's wedding up in St. George Utah, It was a beautiful wedding and it was so fun to see one of my best friends/little cousin get married! Becca (another cousin) was a brides maid as well and her and I had so much fun together dancing and entertaining ourselves during the wedding line. As most of you know me and Jen have always been real close cousins, especially when she lived here in Mesa, we were practically inseparable. Even though Jen is younger than me I have always looked up to her, she is such a great person and I am so excited for her! This year we also not only had one graduation in the fam, but two! Todd graduated from ASU (GO SUN DEVIL'S) with his Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, and Brittney graduated from MTV! (GO TOROS!) I love Brittney to death, but her graduation was miserable! It rained the entire time and you couldn't hear anything they were saying, so we sat hours in the rain not knowing a thing that was going on, we didn't even hear when they called her name, luckily we just recognized it was her cheered for her! Well that's it for now! I'll try to update more often in the future

Jen & I

The Bride and Brides Maids

let the dancing begin!

Sarah, Becca, and Me

Todd's Graduation

Brit's graduation

Us girlies at Grandma's

Sisters/Best Friends Forver

The Decker ladies
I'm so sad this tree no longer exists :(
many many childhood memories in this tree



wow what a busy month you jave had little miss

Hardwick Family said...

Jen looks so pretty and her dress is gorgeous! I cant believe she is married! You guys have always been so close with family, I think it is awesome! Congrats on Todd graduating! That is so awesome! Is he still witht that girl?? I keep forgetting to ask? And the graduation was miserable!

That is so sad about the tree in your front yard! I cant picture it not being there!

elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Jen's wedding. Everyone looked beautiful.

I was in Mesa the night of the MTV graduation. I was surprised they still did it in all that rain.

Tell your family congrats for me. Those are some huge accomplishments.